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Current Auction: Lobby Cards
Auction Ends Today

We have a fantastic lobby card auction ending today folks

Included are cards for My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn, Dance With Me Henry with Lou Costello, 14 French cards from Star Wars, a Laurel & Hardy card from Jitterbugs, Return of the Ape Man with Bela Lugosi. There are cards with John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Merle Oberon, Bud Abbott, Maria Montez, James Stewart, James Cagney.. There is a Joan Crawford card from Rain, Lucille Ball in A Gob, A Guy and A Gal, a wild Congorilla card with African Pygmys, Lon Chaney Jr in Strange Confession, Robert Newton in Treasure Island and lots of other great stuff

Just added to our website for ready purchase
are a list of hard & softcover books

Included are the great signed editions with sericels for the Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Art of Hercules: Chaos of Creation for the classic Disney animated features, Betty Page books, the uber-classic Illusion of Life on Disney Studios written by animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, the legendary Valley of the Cliffhangers Supplement on the Republic Studios serials, Tex Avery cartoons, Tom & Jerry, Ron Borst's great Graven Images, the htf Wild Wild West softcover, Norman Saunders, Reynold Brown & others

Stock is limited, so hurry up before the book you want is sold out!

We Have New Auction Software - Easier to Use!

Yep, not only has our next auction begun, we have installed all-new auction software that is fully integrated with the rest of the website, allows you to add store items to your auction wins, has easy access 'Quick View' bidding and now has Extended Bidding again. Here are some of the great features the new app has:
  • Quick View Bidding allows you to made a bid without leaving the menu page
  • Extended Popcorn Bidding adds 3 minutes to any auction when a bid is made within the last three minutes
  • System automatically invoices all auction winners
  • Live Countdown Clock so you can see exactly how much time is left for an auction before it ends
  • Get an emailed item ending noticea few hours before an auction closes, to make sure you don't miss out on that poster you wanted to bid on
  • Social Groups Buttons so you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or to email it to your friends
  • User Dashboard for your auction activity & poster wins is now integrated into your main user dashboard. No more jumping between plugins.
  • Add To Your Auction Invoice From Our Store Listings! Wow! You can now do shopping in our store to add posters to your auction order for combined shipping to save money!
  • Watchlist hover over any item and a small heart appears at the top right of teh image. Click to add to yur watchlist.

There are of course other improvements but we can't list them all, because there are too many.

How Do I Pay For Auctions I Have Won?

A number of members have been asking me how do they pay for auctions and if I send manual invoicing via Paypal anymore.
Well, we no longer need to send out invoices by Paypal, as it is all self-contained on the website and is easy for you to do.

Follow these instructions:
  1. First, you will need to login
  2. Once logged in, in the upper menu, click on Members/Visitors
  3. Click on My Dashboard
  4. In the menu at lower left, click on My Auctions
  5. You will see a list of all your auctions won & lost, add your won auctions to your shopping cart & proceed to checkout, pay with Paypal and you're all done!

Anyone having difficulty checking out can email us or call & we'll be glad to help

By the way, you can also add items from the store to your order for merged shipping, so why not do some shopping ;-)

Lobby Cards

Ends Today July 18th

Rolled One Sheets

Starts Soon

Misc posters and other folded or flat memorabilia

Starts Soon

Schedule is subject to change

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