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New Posters, Books & Original Film Scripts have been added to the store For Ready Sale!

Included are dozens of cards from 1918 through the 1940s including Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Charlie Chan on Broadway, numerous cards for the Falcon and Boston Blackie series, rare cards for silent Chester Conklin films, unseen Rin Tin Tin, Ranger & Lightning the Dog cards, Dr Who & the Daleks, Rare shorts with Leon Errol & Edgar Kennedy, Angry Red Planet, Hell Divers tc with Clark Gable and much more.

This is on top of our previous upload which included posters for Jailhouse Rock with Elvis, the crazy exploitation film Wild Oats, rare Australian posters for Razorback & Robocop. Original release posters for King Kong & the Mummy, the Lone Ranger, Psycho, Original Vintage Scripts, Art Books and more..

Posters priced as low as $25.00 in our newest upload, so check them out

See the New Listings

We Have New Auction Software - Easier to Use!

Yep, not only has our next auction begun, we have installed all-new auction software that is fully integrated with the rest of the website, allows you to add store items to your auction wins, has easy access 'Quick View' bidding and now has Extended Bidding again. Here are some of the great features the new app has:
  • Quick View Bidding allows you to made a bid without leaving the menu page
  • Extended Popcorn Bidding adds 3 minutes to any auction when a bid is made within the last three minutes
  • System automatically invoices all auction winners
  • Live Countdown Clock so you can see exactly how much time is left for an auction before it ends
  • Get an emailed item ending noticea few hours before an auction closes, to make sure you don't miss out on that poster you wanted to bid on
  • Social Groups Buttons so you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or to email it to your friends
  • User Dashboard for your auction activity & poster wins is now integrated into your main user dashboard. No more jumping between plugins.
  • Add To Your Auction Invoice From Our Store Listings! Wow! You can now do shopping in our store to add posters to your auction order for combined shipping to save money!
  • Watchlist hover over any item and a small heart appears at the top right of teh image. Click to add to yur watchlist.

There are of course other improvements but we can't list them all, because there are too many.


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