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The Marilyn and William Weinmann Autograph Collection

Marilyn Meyer was a young woman in her thirties when she was downed by a stroke in 1984, limiting her mobility for some time as her (then) fiance William cared for her. During her rehabilitation, her doctor recommended she try writing letters to people, to correct some of the damage that was left in her by the stroke. Due to the wonderful care that William was providing her, she decided she was going to do something special for him from her bed, and because he was a film and history nut, she decided she was going to write to famous people and ask for a signed photo to create a collection for him, that would be gifted later that year. Unable to write very much, but of course wanting to do what she could to nurse herself back to health, she had a friend type up a form letter, that she could write the person's name in a little spot left open and she would write out the envelope and she mailed out thousands of letters this way, starting in 1984, asking for pictures for her fiance Will, that she could give him for Christmas that year.

Marilyn was surprised when she got the first photos in the Summer of 1984, but she probably never realized just how many she would eventually get and from all the wonderful people that would show their generosity in helping her achieve almost 200 signed photos, letters and notes, that she inlaid to two three-ring binder albums for Christmas of that year. Famous people of all walks of were included, actors and actresses, film directors, musicians and composers, dancers, Presidents and politicians, astronauts, authors and journalists, tv news personalities, Olympics competitors, football players and coaches, baseball, basketball and hockey players as well as golfers, race car drivers and even Iditarod sleigh riders - the only quantifiable need was that you were to some degree, famous!

For almost 20 years, Marilyn continued to write to send out these form letters in some variety - it is clear that after some period, she was no longer suffering the debilitating effects of the stroke for instance and the form letters do indicate that later on. Then shortly after the native Floridians moved to Las Vegas, the love of her life, Will, passed away and she stopped. The collection - all 40 albums stuffed full - remained on a set of shelves for the rest of her life. She began an active life in Las Vegas theatrical productions as well as movies starting in 2010. You can find her on the IMDB, here Then in December 2015, Marilyn joined Will and now this great collection has been passed on, to the next generation. is pleased to be offering this fine collection and each item will come with a certificate explaining the collection, with an image of the photo or signed card and a 100% Guarantee that every autograph is 100% Authentic.

Look for items from this collection to be listed soon. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of cool items from this wonderful archive.

Marilyn's Form Letter